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AC-DC Converters

Our extensive range of AC/DC Converter power supply modules covers a range from 1W to 60W offering a finished PCB mounting power supply solution which is low cost when compared to chassis mounting options.

  • LD series
  • 5-25W LH series
  • 24-120W DIN-Rail LI series
  • 5-18W LM Series
  • 5-18W LO Series
  • 1-5W Economic LS series
  • 40-60W LH series
  • 1–10W Small dimension LD Series
  • 4-25W LB Series
  • Power Supplies for Electric Power Industry


Switching Regulators

The K78xx Series of high efficiency switching regulators are ideally suited to a wide range of applications where DC-DC conversion is required without the need for isolation.


DC-DC Converters

Our extensive range of DC/DC Converters cover a wide range from 0.25W to 50W and features high efficiency isolated un-regulated, isolated regulated and non-isolated switching regulator models.

  • PV series
  • HK series
  • Fixed input, isolated & unregulated output
  • Fixed input, isolated & regulated output
  • 2:1 Wide input, isolated & regulated output
  • 4:1 Wide input, isolated & regulated output
  • 4:1 Ultra-wide input, isolated & constant current output
  • Wide input, non-isolated & regulated output

EMC Auxilary Device

This range of EMC filters features modules is designed to work with both our DC/DC converters and AC/DC power modules  to enhance the EMC performance and to make meeting emissions requirements easier.
View the EMC Auxillary Device range of Mornsun products


IGBT Driver

This range of isolation transceiver modules provides units that are designed for use in  CAN/RS485/RS232 communication systems. The modules integrate the transceiver chip, isolation components and a high efficiency DC/DC isolation power supply.
IGBT Drivers range of Mornsun products


Industrial Bus Isolation Transceiver modules

Our range of Industrial Bus Isolation Transceiver Modules provides bus interface capability for CAN, RS-485 and RS-232 communication applications.
View the Industrial Bus Isolation Transceiver modules of Mornsun products


Isolation Amplifier Module

Our range of Isolation Amplifier Modules a range of products with unique technical advantages in terms of accuracy, low temperature drift, high isolation and high reliability.
Isolation Amplified modules of Mornsun products


LED Driver

Our range of DC input step down LED drivers provides constant current outputs in the range of 300mA to 1000mA from a wide DC input of 3.3V – 48V. The range includes non-dimming, Analogue dimming and PWM dimming types with efficiencies of up to 97% in a compact size.
LED driver range of Mornsun products