Industrial Bus Isolation Transceiver Module

Our range of Industrial Bus Isolation Transceiver Modules provides bus interface capability for CAN, RS-485 and RS-232 communication applications.

The CAN bus transceiver modules have an integrated power and signal isolating chip alongside a CAN transceiver chip. The key function of these modules is to switch from logic levels to CAN Bus levels whilst maintaining isolation and high speed communication. Use of these modules simplifies the design of logic to CAN interface design, they are easily embedded into a design and offer a single module solution.

The RS-485 transceiver modules provide a simple design in solution for logic to RS485 communication systems. They feature integrated isolated power and signal isolation as well as a bus protection device. The series features high and low speed modules with single and dual channel models available.

The RS-232 transceiver modules support simplified design of logic to RS-232 interfaces. They feature internal integrated power isolation and a signal isolation chip alongside an RS-232 transceiver chip.
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