IGBT Drivers

Our range of hybrid integrated IGBT drivers provide a fully isolated gate drive solution ensuring the correct level of electrical isolation between the power device and control circuits using a high CMRR opto-coupler.
This series features Short circuit protection via a built-in desaturation detector with a fault signal provided if this detector is activated. The short circuit protection has an auto-recovery feature with no need to cycle the input power. These products require no minimum load and will work across their entire temperature range with no de-rating. Some models have an inbuilt DC/DC converter provide the minus voltage required to start up the IGBT Driver.

These IGBT drivers are widely used in energy transformation, amplifying, inverters, electric welding machines, motor control, road illumination systems and UPS product.

If you cannot find a module that meets your requirements or need any technical support please contact our experienced sales team who will be happy to assist.