MORNSUN Guangzhou Science & Technology Co., Ltd, is a China based national high-tech enterprises. With 16 years development, Mornsun has grown to become one of the biggest, full-range industrial power module manufacturers in domestic China.

Operating business steady and dependably, persevering pioneering spirit in tenacious efforts, Mornsun aims to be a glory century enterprise. Specializing in research and application on Magneto electric isolation technology and products, Mornsun develops high quality AC DC converter, DC-DC converter, Isolation Transmitter, IGBT Driver, LED Driver, etc. most  products have UL, CE, EN60601-1, [Exia] IIC approval.


About Mornsun

Mornsun is the first manufacturer in its field to achieve ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification, TS16949 automotive industry quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, OHSMS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification. Mornsun products are widely used all over the world by many leading companies including GE, SIEMENS, Honeywell and Emerson.
Mornsun has been a pioneer and leader in the Chinese micro-power industry since it was established. The development of Mornsun is a continuous self-transcendence adventure, we move rapidly and firmly with the purpose of devoting ourselves to researching and manufacturing micro-power DC-DC converters, promoting and even leading the development of Chinese electronic micro-power converter. Bases on advanced technology, Mornsun has gained a secure foothold in the high-technology enterprise of globalized industrial power supplies. Along with oversea branches sequentially setting up, Mornsun Team will march toward the international market for new transcendence and rapid development by continuous holding trust worthy as our service purpose.

Mornsun holds the core value of creating the highest interest for its employees, clients, shareholder and developing our business to repay our society. We take it as our common mission to make a contribution to the development of society and progress of humankind by pursuing excellence unremittingly. We undertake historic mission, focus on teamwork and stick to collective struggle.

Mornsun has a unique corporate culture, namely Camel culture. Camels are lonely travellers in barren, inhospitable desert. We are committed to pursuing the excellent spirit demonstrated by camels. We firmly believe that Mornsun people, greatly influenced by this spirit, will always play the role of forerunners, be honest, persistent, dauntless, practically working, struggling hard and walk on a new silk road without any stop in the past, and will never stop in the future either, to realize the leap from great to excellent.

Mornsun Milestones

2013 – Awarded the “Best Employer of China 2012” under the Hi-Tech category
2013 – Awarded the Well-Known Trademark in Guangzhou
2012 – Awarded the “Most Satisfactory Employer of China 2012” under the Hi-Tech category
2012 – Ranked 18th in the top 100 of the most potential private companies by Forbes China
2012 – Awarded the “Indigenous Innovation Company of EDN China 2012”
2012 – Acquired TS16949 certification
2011 – Established Mornsun Huaihua manufacturing center
2010 – Moved to MORNSUN new headquarter building in Guangzhou Science City
2008 – Established Mornsun Huangpu manufacturing center
2008 – Established Mornsun America, LLC in MA, USA
2007 – Acquired ISO 14001, OHSMS18001 certification
2005 – All products are RoHS compliant
2003 – Acquired products UL and CE certification
2002 – Product exported to USA
2002 – Acquired ISO 9001:2000 certification
2001 – Implemented informational management system
1998 – Established MORNSUN in Guangzhou, China


MORNSUN is a combination of “Morning” and “Sun” with the meaning of the sun in the morning, which is full of vitality and hope, and Mornsun will be flourishing and prosperous as we serve customers with enthusiasm and innovation. Blue is our corporate colour, which symbolizes technology and expertise. It indicates our characteristics and working style.

Mornsun’s meticulous and systemic work


… makes reliable products


Key to the reliability

A Power supply is the heart of industrial equipment. What the customer concerns the most is not the price, the function, or the efficiency, but the reliability of the power supply. In other words, it should not break down under any kinds of extreme situations.

It is easy to guarantee the function of the power supply, but for reliability, it is another story, particularly in guaranteeing the reliability of the power supply under harsh conditions. It can only be achieved by a perfect management system which consists of advanced research technology, high quality raw material platform, advanced equipment, excellent manufacturing process management, specialized screening sequence on reliability and rich experience.

Meanwhile, the reliability of the products is not only depending on design and manufacturing, but also on customers’ proper operation. Therefore, Mornsun applications engineers offer professional technical support to customers in their applications to assist in designing in the products supplied.

In a word, improving the reliability of the products is not a simple task but a rather complex system.

To meet customer demand and expectation, Mornsun has overcome many difficulties to improve itself. Since 2007, we started our power supply reliability system project, and after 7 years, we have established 7 platforms which are committed to improving the reliability of our products, including material platform, technological platform, failure analysis platform, manufacturing platform, personnel training platform, process supervision platform, FAE support platform. Based on these platforms, we had some breakthroughs to enhance the functions and reliability, and launched our brand new products which called R2 series in the middle of 2012.

Mornsun’s experience in the design of reliable product tells us that there is absolutely no shortcut to enhance the reliability. It can only be achieved by earnest, meticulous work and a step by step approach. It is consistent with Mornsun’s Camel Culture and as the old saying goes “No pain, no gain”.