PowerPax Launches R3 Series DC/DC Converters from Mornsun

By Powerpax UK 12th February 2016


Leading UK Power Conversion distributor PowerPax is pleased to announce the launch of a new range of DC/DC Converters from global power conversion manufacturer Mornsun. The R3 series features a completely new design structure which provides solutions to a number of common application issues and features 134 models from 3 – 30W.

This product series features single and dual O/P models in industry standard footprints with inputs of 9 – 36V DC & 18 – 75V DC (4:1). All models feature input under voltage protection with input to output isolation of up to 6000VDC.

Industrial equipment generally operates at light loads with periods of high load requirement and as such the low load condition is outside of the standard operating parameters of many DC converters. In such cases a dummy load is often used but the result of this is an increase in temperature and unnecessary power usage. The R3 series significantly improves operations under such conditions through the use of variable frequency switching techniques to remove the requirement for a dummy load. The efficiency of this converter series exceeds 78% in the load range 5 – 30% and the no load power consumption is as low as 0.12W thereby reducing power consumption and preventing unwanted temperature rise.

These regulated converters have excellent stability characteristics with Load regulation of ±0.5% and Line regulation of ±0.2%. In addition outputs have low ripple and noise characteristics.

In many systems there is often an issue with the DC converter start-up time (typically >200mS) and in such cases measures need to be taken to ensure correct system start-up to ensure that the DC converter is in a stable state before proceeding . This issue is often compounded  by the overshoot on the output as the DC converter starts and again measures are often taken to protect circuits from this. The R3 converters solve this issue by decreasing the start-up to 20mS without any overshoot on the output.

In situations where an abnormal shutdown of equipment occurs, commonly found in industrial systems, problems may occur. To overcome this condition the R3 series converters have a number of in-built protection features including input under-voltage, output over-voltage, over-current and self-recovering short circuit protection which enhance safety and system reliability.

Compliance with EMC requirements is a must in today’s electronic systems and most DC converters will require an external capacitor to meet the required levels. This is not as issue for the R3 series converters which meet CISPR22/EN55022 Class A without the need for external components.

Environmentally this series of DC converters performs well with an operating temperature range of -40 to +85°C and a storage temperature range of -55 to +125°C.

All of the products in this series are CE/UL Certified.

Power conversion components are the heart of any system and the reliability of such components is paramount to overall system reliability, especially in the harsh conditions that industrial systems need to operate in. All converters in this series have undergone full reliability testing throughout all phases from design to production and meet an MTBF 1000K hr’s (MIL-HDBK-217F@25°C). Reliability testing includes high temperature operation testing, low temperature operation testing, temperature cycle testing, thermal shock testing, and vibration testing. The reliability of these devices is enhanced by the fully automated manufacturing process which ensures high precision and repeatability.